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16-Jun-2017 15:17

" She rummaged through her drawer, pulled out one of her own bikinis, and tossed it to me. Then she turned her back to me, since she knows I don't like to be naked in front of anybody.If you need it, and you feel up to wearing it, fine.At the far end of the pool, away from everybody else, a boy and a girl were sharing a lounge chair, and I was pretty sure he had a hand under her t-shirt.It made me remember that one time I'd let Andrew touch me under my shirt.Most of the girls were dressed petty much the way Mindy was, though a few were already wearing their bathing suits.One girl was wearing running shorts, low enough on her butt that the top of her red bikini bottom showed, and a red bikini top that barely covered more than her nipples, with an unbuttoned shirt over it.

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Listen, if you think I'm going to embarrass you..." "No. The top did not cover my breasts as well as they should have. "Wow, you'll attract some attention at the party." I crossed my arms over my chest. Now I feel even more self-conscious than I did a few seconds ago." "Jen, I know it's not your style, but the bikini top you brought with you looks like you're wearing an underwire support bra." "I can't wear this in front of people." "Tell you what: don't wear it under your clothing, just bring it along.

The girls were friendly, and they seemed to welcome the chance to tell somebody new about the various relationships in play around us that night.

The couple on the lounge chair were Paul and Berni, and they'd been dating since the spring.

I was startled at how little it covered, and then realized that the one she'd given me was only slightly more modest.

She dove in, swam over to Rob, and kissed him hard, rubbing her body against his.

Later on, I'd learn that this was the infamous Didi.