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11-Nov-2017 03:55

As I got up (slowly and in a daze) I realized what I loser I was.

Now to make matters worse, I went to take a step toward the stairs to go up to bed and flipped through the air onto my face/chest/etc.

My freakin' pants were still wrapped around my ankles!!

So now there's jiz everywhere, all over me, the pillow, the rug!! I was so drunk all I wanted to do was remove myself from the situation.

Carrot cutie I was home alone after school and I thought I'd take advantage of it.

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She brings it up from time to time just to make sure I don't forget what I loser I am. Mom mops up One time I masturbated after coming back from a night out. The next morning my mom entered the room and asked me what that was on the floor.I masturbated, of course, but I forgot the carrot in the shower!