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In October 1988, the band released Daydream Nation album through Enigma Records. You know there’s all these families out there trying so hard to do everything right and be perfect.

In 1989, the band signed onto DGC Records, a subsidiary of Geffen, and released Goo (1990), which became the group's first commercial hit. In 1989, Gordon, Sadie May, and Lydia Lunch formed Harry Crews and released the album Naked in Garden Hills.

Following the announcement of Sonic Youth's hiatus, Gordon commenced touring with Ikue Mori, Tokyo-born drummer of late-1970s band DNA—Gordon had performed with Mori previously at events such as the No Fun Fest in 2004.

The duo completed a European tour in mid-2012 and Gordon explained during a corresponding interview, "You sorta want to get lost and you hope that the audience gets lost with you ...

She later rose to prominence as the bassist, guitarist, and vocalist of the New York City-based alternative rock band Sonic Youth.

In 1996, Gordon was involved in an exhibition entitled Baby Generation at Parco gallery in Tokyo.Kim Bok Joo is a student in Haneol College of Physical Education.