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For example, by enforcing an unpredictable certificate serial number at time of request of a certificate, a certification authority could still safely issue certificates using SHA-1 for their internal signature.

As explained in the first section of this answer, as long as the key of HMAC-SHA-1 is assumed secret, there is no indication that HMAC-SHA-1 is insecure because it uses SHA-1.

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This document specifies an Internet standards track protocol for the Internet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for improvements.

That said, the specific construct of HMAC-SHA1 is still considered safe to use (assuming a secret key) due to the security proof for HMAC which does not rely on collision resistance of the underlying PRF. No known collisions have yet been found, although the current best attack is just on the edge of feasibility.

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$$\mathrm = \mathrm(k_2 | \mathrm(k_1 | m)) $$ On the other hand, if you used a key known to the attacker and the attacker has the ability to find collisions in the underlying hash (for arbitrary IVs), these turn into collisions of HMAC.In case of collisions, you can change the message and preserve the same MAC, so it is a problem, right?