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28-Jun-2017 07:47

When I open an Excel file from Windows Explorer, I always get a second Excel window as well.Annoyingly, when I close it, it doesn't close, but the other window does!\App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART You can just open from this location go to the View tab and select Hide.From now on when you open a file this will no longer open as well, but will still allow use of, for example, macros created that you'd want to use in multiple files.The solution is to find the real location of the file so you can delete it. Now select the "File" tab on the top left which will load an "Info" page.On the right side of the information on that page there is information such as "Properties, Related Dates, Related People, and Related Documents." Directly under Related Documents is a hyperlink that says "Open File Location." Click this hyperlink and excel will open the true location of the file regardless of where your particular installation has placed it.: D Except my file's name was not "PERSONAL" and I didn't knowingly create any Macros - I just deleted all the files in there and everything worked again. Thought it might be related to my file like so many mentioned.However, it had always been successfully hidden up until recently.

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The key feature of this application is the ability to filter and view orders by any criteria or time.Now close Excel, delete the file, and reopen Excel.

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