Eastwood interview dating

23-Jun-2017 02:25

or perhaps it was the images of his recent shirtless workout that occupied women’s imaginations.

Regardless, Eastwood, 29, is single – and happily ready to mingle, if it means finding the right woman to settle down with “someday.” “Love finds you,” he tells PEOPLE.

Brit says the key to making their relationship work is communication.

When you’re working with him do you get the sense that he’s the king of romance novels? What do you think it takes to be a lead in a Nicholas Sparks’ film? There has to be moments of laughter, and obviously, emotion. Britt Robertson: Nah, it’s not like a whole lot of romance happening on a set to be honest with you. I think it was a lot of improvising and [trying to] just go with it. three or four years ago I was in Vancouver and my boyfriend was in Atlanta.

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