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, Shatara Michelle Ford An uptight, high-achieving, black post-grad who becomes (increasingly) irreverent and (slightly) destructive when she realizes that the life she’s living is not the life she wants., Sarah Rothschild When bad guys break into their home and kidnap their parents, siblings Kevin and Clancy are forced to confront the fact that there may be way more to their stay-at-home mom than meets the eye., JD Payne and Patrick Mc Kay When a wrongly accused man is shipped to an Australian penal colony for five years, he quickly realizes his only chance of seeing his family again is to escape the prison with a gang and survive the deadly terrain that awaits on the outside. Google’s Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt struggle with their corporate motto, “Don’t Be Evil,” in the face of their meteoric rise to a multi-billion-dollar valuation and a major Chinese hacking incident.

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11 mentions , Mattson Tomlin Inspired by the work of artist John Brosio.

, Ben Bolea The incredible true story of Sadako Sasaki, a young girl living in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was dropped.

Years later when she gets leukemia, she hears about the legend that if someone folds one-thousand paper cranes, a wish will be granted.

Each year, nearly 300 movie-industry executives vote to determine the most buzz-worthy scripts that have yet to be made into films, or at least have not started principal photography.

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The finalists become the Black List, which, if you’re a screenwriter, is a distinction you definitely want to achieve. So here are this year’s standout screenplays in no particular order, ranked in descending order based on how many mentions each one received from voters.At the same time, aspiring writer Eleanor Coerr learns of Sadako’s story and becomes determined to bring her message of hope and peace to the world.