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On 15 September 2015, the airport launched a service enabling passengers to book connecting flights involving a change of aircraft at Gatwick, where airlines do not provide a full flight connection service, in a single transaction at a lower cost (compared with the total cost when each flight is booked separately).It includes a guarantee to safeguard connections and make alternative arrangements for passengers who miss their connection in the event of their flight being delayed or cancelled. This service is marketed under the "Gatwick Connects" brand and is bookable through Dohop, Kayak, Momondo and Skyscanner.Passengers passing through the airport are informed about the redevelopment programme with large mobile barcodes on top of construction hoardings.Scanning these transfers information on the construction to the user's smartphone.A secondary runway is available but, due to its proximity to the main runway, can only be used if that is out of use.

Although this entails bringing additional investors into the airport, GIP aims to retain management control.

The airport buildings were designed by Yorke Rosenberg Mardall between 19.

airlines at Gatwick, with the former establishing itself as the dominant scheduled operator at the airport as well as providing a significant number of the airport's non-scheduled services and the latter becoming its leading provider of inclusive tour charter services.

On 9 April 2009, an independent pay-for-access lounge, No.1 Traveller, opened in the South Terminal.

Gatwick has a conference and business centre, and several on- and off-site hotels ranging in class from executive to economy. The company had a 15-year lease on the building, scheduled to expire in June 2008.In summer 2013, Gatwick introduced Gatwick Connect, a free flight connection service to assist passengers changing flights at Gatwick whose airlines do not provide a full flight connection service.